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Our firm stands as a beacon of hope for clients navigating financial complexities. 

Whether your organization requires business advisory services or needs to enter into formal proceedings, the partners, principals and senior professionals at TDB have the knowledge and experience to address your concerns.
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TDB Advisory services

Corporate consulting

Review financial forecasts, deliver key insights to boards and other stakeholders, and implement strategies to monitor performance and promote sustained success.

Business reviews

Work with companies or lenders to develop a greater understanding of a borrower’s current financial position and its future viability and formulate a course of action.

Performance enhancement

Analyze operations to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, restructure operations, and maximize profitability.

Formal insolvency

Act as receiver, trustee in bankruptcy, monitor in Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) proceedings, trustee in a proposal, construction lien trustee or liquidator when a formal restructuring or recovery process is required.

Shareholder/Partnership disputes

Work with shareholders or partners by acting as a mediator to re-focus operations and optimize performance or, if required, as a court-appointed inspector.

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