TDB Advisory is the go-to mid-market firm offering financial advisory, restructuring, dispute resolution and estate trustee services, specializing in serving financially challenged organizations and their lenders.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is a fundamental point of distinction and a hallmark of our work. This spirit manifests in our speed, agility, and creative solutions that blend innovation with practical action. Beyond problem-solving for clients, our entrepreneurial ethos is reflected in our dedication to exceptional service, our emphasis on cultivating trusted relationships, and our cardinal rule of having fun along the way. These aspects are integral to our identity and shape an approach that is as dynamic as it is reliable.
Proven credibility in diverse industries
Our credibility is built on significant experience and respected expertise across various industries. Our team has a rich history working in sectors such as real estate, consumer business, retail, wholesale, hospitality, long-term care, and the beverage industry, where we can bring unparalleled knowledge to each situation. This ensures that our clients receive financial advice and solutions steeped in industry-specific insights.
Appointed as court officers
We are frequently appointed as a court officer in restructuring proceedings under various Canadian legislation. The judiciary and legal community hold us in high esteem, recognizing our team's commitment to integrity and precision. As Licensed Insolvency Trustees (formerly referred to as Trustees in Bankruptcy), our professionals embody the highest standards of practice, ensuring that every action and recommendation upholds the principles of trust and efficacy.
Elevating industry standards
Our contribution to the profession speaks volumes about our dedication and expertise. Our team members are leaders in the field, serving on the Board of the Ontario Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals, acting as licensing examiners, and serving on the Commercial List Users Committee. These are just some of the many roles that demonstrate our team’s commitment to shaping and elevating the standards of our industry.